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We Tested Mented Cosmetics’ Makeup For Women Of Color | Beauty Explorers

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Finding the perfect shade of foundation and lipstick is difficult for women of color due to the lack of shade ranges available. Co-founders KJ Miller and Amanda E. Johnson started Mented in 2017 to create nude lipstick specifically made for brown skin tones. Mented has expanded into eyeshadow, foundation, and nail polish. We tried out their products to see if we should swap out the products we normally use for Mented's line.

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We Tested Mented Cosmetics' Makeup For Women Of Color | Beauty Explorers

Author: admin



    1. J Price

      @Bailey Swink you say affirmative action is against your morals as a person , so in that sense you want people to work to overcome difficulties and not have things handed to them, right ? Is that not what they’re doing by making their own company? And then you’re the one whining about not having your shades in a small poc owned business when you can VERY EASILY as a pale person find them anywhere else.

    1. Nichole H

      Try Meow Cosmetics. Indy brand that makes powder foundation. I’ve been using them for years with no skin issues. I’m in between and have to mix/match, but they have very yellow undertone foundations. Good luck.

  1. Alina li

    Fenty is also a good brand because the makers of fenty cinsmaetics is a woman of colour (Rihanna) and she has a LOT of shades for coloured wonder and you can find her makeup like in any Sephora store! 🙂

    EDIT: so many people this Rihanna is racist but she’s not. She has a lot of shades for white women including pale-tanned skin SO STOP SAYING SHES RACIST!

    1. Elizabeth Northway

      I know right? (I myself am white but I think it’s gorgeous, I also am very jealous of how white theirs teeth look!)
      P.s sorry for my mistakes English in not my native language

  2. Lindsay Logue

    as a painter, i often make my own skin tones in school, i often use white, yellow, brown, and pink. why can’t they use brown pigments instead of black? wouldn’t it get rid of the grey undertone

    1. Mari DatWeeb

      Yeahh, you have to combine red and black pigments to actually try to get a brown color. But yeahh, people just have to get the combination ratio right. And what style do you paint in?

    2. Jaeise (HL)

      Maybe bc of the ingredients that they use (like iron oxide etc) unlike paints, it already is mixed and comes in one color but in makeup u need to precisely measure the pigments to get that specific brown color complexion

    1. Natalie Nardone

      To break the tension in the replies section, as a young white woman I do not feel left out. I feel very happy that women of colour are getting this whole makeup line that matches their tones and shades. 🙌❤️

    2. Bailey Swink

      @Reshma Nisa everyones come across at least one brand who didnt have their shade. you wanna know the only line ive found to carry a nice not orange on me foundation? fenty. all my life ive had a horrible time finding a shade to match how light my skin is. thats why its amazing for fenty to release such an extensive line. releasing lines that cater to only one small shade range of people is how progress is made in the beauty industry. this brand is doing their thing and i mean go off but there are shades in sephora for everyone, why cant brands just make more colors 😑

    3. Reshma Nisa

      @Prada but there are already so many makeup brands which indirectly branch out to fair skinned women , so don’t u think these women felt left out every time that a company doesn’t launch something suited for their complexion

  3. Sophia Nílsson

    Extremely pale and extremely dark skintones have the same “the undertones are never right” problem, however at the pale end there’s no attached inherent racism like there is with my melanin-blessed sisters. This company is doing the Lord’s work.

  4. Lianet P Leyva

    Even though I’m latina, I wouldn’t call my self a person of color since I’m pale, and it’s disrespectful -in my opinion, to assign that tittle to those of us who don’t share the same *women of color* struggles, but I am ethnic, white skin with yellow undertones, and it’s highly difficult finding white people makeup that has my undertones. I guess makeup brands are only for white folks with pasty skin with red or pink undertones….. we need makeup for ethnic people of all colors. I’m glad actual women of color -who understand this struggle way better than I do, are finally getting represented in the makeup industry. It’s hard for me to find undertones that match my skin, but for women of color is hard finding makeup in general that comes close to their skin color. In 2019 that’s still a problem and it’s ridiculous. People of color ain’t actually a minority, but are the majority worldwide, so….. why not cater to them as well???

    1. Lemonade Stand

      @parklife87 also the NYX Cant Stop Wont Stop has a wide shade range but it runs very warm with a yellowy undertone. I dont know if that would work for hispanics or middle eastern or not. Almost every white person says it makes them look jaundice though.

    2. Lemonade Stand

      @Lianet P Leyva UOMA, Juvia’s Place, Too Faced Born This Way Foundation all have deep shades to name a few. The first two brands are black owned brands and the last one had black people help formulate the deeper range of shades.

    1. N̷a̷b̷i̷h̷a̷

      @F H Look, even asian women have had to go through a lot for their skin colour, there are literally advertisements encouraging people to bleach their skin!! Some people get rejected from interviews just because of dark skin and in places like South East asia, potential grooms often reject brides cuz of their dark skin. Learn to stop being ignorant

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