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Instant Artistry: No Makeup Makeup | MAC Cosmetics

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Want beautiful, fresh-looking skin without a lot of product? Director of Makeup Artistry Mickey Contractor’s favourite No Makeup Makeup look combines a little concealer, a bit of texture and touch of gleam for a look that’s au natural at its finest

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  1. karlutxa

    Mee too arikeer… Mac workers are not the best option if I want a nice and good service, it is like a lotery of divas, they act a lot like divas, I wish Mac could work more in thid point, the products are great but I just dont feel like at home when I am in the store.

  2. givebasicinfo

    WHY ARE ONLY MEN DOING MAKUP NOW – I MA SORRY – jezz every professional markup channel has a freaking guy doing it – hey women need work too and have an amazing eye for color what gives!

    1. Subversive Untermensch

      MAC probably has more drag queen and gender-bending men supporting them than any other major makeup company, many of whom would do an amazing job at any of these tutorials. Yet when men do occasionally make an appearance in these videos, they aren’t even wearing makeup. Please go find some sad guy in thick eye makeup who probably struggles to get a job anywhere else because he’s judged for his appearance, and give him a job. Chances are if he’s devoted enough to face the social stigma, he’s devoted enough to have some serious knowledge and talent.

  3. teachii

    MAC always show artist that are on point with makeup and give you some good tips. But when you go to their MAC counter *side eye* the nerve of MAC asking an arm and a leg when it comes down to resume but the artist they hire are pure sh!t. Too many complaints I hear that some of them use the same brush on other clients, or they attempt to use a SPRAY cleaner and use it again. And when you schedule an appointment on how to apply makeup and get a fresh face look, you come out looking like an Oompa Loompa reject. There’s no way one can blame it on lightning because I would go to Estee Lauder that had the same lightening and I would get matched perfectly. But at the end of the day, I do really like MAC products just not their workers. :

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