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This is an experimental make-up session using the original (un-opened) Biba make-up from the early 70's. I had no idea what look I was going for when I started and just went with the flow. I have a huge selection of the original make-up so just put lots of shades on the make-up table and picked up various colours I felt would work as I went along.

I chose Claudia Devlin to apply this look to, not just because she's amazing but also because I feel she really fits the Biba aesthetic and her face really inspired me. Working with these products, developed using the technology of the late 60's, was an eye opener. No crease proof, long lasting formulations for a start. Also the very high pigment levels plus no silicones means a lot more blending!! Interesting enough once the make-up was finished all it took was one quick wipe over with make-up remover and everything was completely gone…this make-up was not designed to last!

I hope you enjoy watching this little bit of make-up history come to life!
Lisa Eldridge X

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  1. Az Indn

    Still have my Biba eye shadows in deep purple black and magenta shades, my Biba crayons, and lip sticks. All glorious shades of deep purple/blue hues and I do wear them. Haven’t ruined my skin.

  2. Shannon Elsom

    I think what makes this look so fashionable is that the eyebrows are left untouched. Were Lisa to shape them I think it would look like she was trying too hard, but this look is bold but also incredibly chic. I wish this was acceptable to wear in public XD

  3. Yeshua is Lord

    I was around in the 70’s and wore a lot of her (Biba) make-up, in fact, I had several of these eye shadows, especially the lavender (we just said “purple” back then), and also her yummy blushes! and we weren’t afraid to color our cheeks with them, either. We LOVED our blushes!!! 🤗

    Miss the make-up we had back in the 70’s. I still have a few items in the back of my drawers. A few perfumes, too. Could never bring myself to toss them out.

    They don’t make make-up today like they used to. Didn’t realize back then that we had it so good. Thanks again for this great video trip down memory lane. 😘

  4. Jacqueline Kalab

    I’m a makeup artist of twenty years and going strong, for celebrities and fashion, I just heave to tell you that you never cease to amaze, delight, inspire and enlighten me.  I adore your talent, knowledge, skill, and generosity. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, for your sharing <3

  5. Gina Sigman

    I remember having a “china doll” blouse like what the model is wearing when I was in high school. Wore it with jeans. Ahhh the 70’s. Loved that era. Disco, long straight swinging hair, angel sleeves and Steely Dan. Gas was 25 cents a gallon and my friends and I used to sneak into clubs and drink grasshoppers and brandy alexanders. Those were the good ol days.

  6. spaghetti . jpeg

    Can I be real? ‘Instagram’ makeup only looks good on specific eye and face shapes and it feels lile if you can’t look instagram perfect your makeup isn’t good or worth it… What happened to originality and fun with makeup? 🙁

  7. Yael Bolender

    I still have my crayons from Biba in Kensington High Street. They are almost completely used, but I kept them so much I love them. I didn’t realize they were vintage! I don’t know how many years I used them! I never had a skin problem because of them, lucky me! 🙂 I am still using a Mary Quant palette from the same period that I love so much too!
    I certainly miss this big department store, I loved going there…

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