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Destroying Rude Makeup! – Bitch Slap Cosmetics | THE MAKEUP BREAKUP

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Welcome back to The Makeup Breakup & Happy New Year! Today we are destroying some Bitch Slap Cosmetics lipsticks & highlighter that were sent to us by the gorgeous Emily! We get some very cheeky (destroying) action in this one and also witness a little drama we have never seen on The Makeup Breakup before!

Bitch Slap Cosmetics:

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Mixing Multichrome Pigments

How many applications in a Christian Louboutin Lipstick?

Destroying the Lancome Starlight Sparkle La Rose a Poudrer

How many pumps in the Lancome Absolue Sublime Golden Glow Hydrating Makeup

Beauty Blender Instaclean – Does it Really Work?

Weighing, Destroying & Re-Pressing Huda New Nudes Palette

How much product is in the Huda Beauty Faux Filter Foundation?


Too Faced Glow Job Mask – How much product does it contain?

Destroying the 196 Colour Spectrum Palette by Revolution Beauty

Drunk Elephant Mini Sets – Are they better value than the full size?

Tell Me What – Bohkeh Feat. Osmoji

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  1. zadidoll

    Many years ago Bitchslap faced allegations of violating FDA rules and regulations on the ingredients and by selling Lady Burd Cosmetics paint wheels as eyeshadows. After that there were other allegations made about various things from foreign objects in the cosmetics to automotive paint used as their pigments. Now this… rusted pans. Not a surprise.

  2. Chiappy

    I just realised why I never got annoyed at your content. You never use clickbate-y titles. any other youtuber would have had a “you’d never believe what we found” ou “not safe for use?!?!” in the title and “rust in the pan” on the thumbnail.

    1. Chiappy

      @Lai Chan I wrote that I don’t like the titles that sound like clickbait. I know it would not have been click bait if they chose to use those kind of titles for this video. I just appreciate that they didn’t because to me those kind of titles always come off as cheap and fake.

    1. click here 2 die

      They sell penis molds at Spencer’s, normally for creaing candies and such to serve as a gag at a bachelorette party. It’s not totally unreasonable to think that she uses something similar, since there’s no real information on the website.

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