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Bridal Makeup – CHEAP VS EXPENSIVE 👰

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In today's episode of Makeups Compared I go to the cheapest bridal makeup artist and compare it with the most expensive bridal makeup artist in my city!

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    1. Punk Kitty

      Well I think she looks great with and without, makeup is more an art form and something to have fun with. If you enjoy putting on makeup do it, if you prefer your natural beautiful face then go natural. Not all put it on to be more pretty or what not.

  1. cupcakelady

    I dont know if im the only one, but to me this whole video is just like really relaxing ?? I dont know why, but like with the music etc.,

    its just really pleasing to watch and i love it 😀

    1. Kei Florez

      Engagement rings arent that common in Latin america, even wedding rings are rare, most of the time people just agree to marry and jump straight to the ceremony… No barchelor parties, no proposal party… None of that…

    1. Mariana Vieira

      I think she was meaning eyeshadow color and contour, Im a MUA in Brazil and I do give brides a extra pop on color so the camera will pick up. I believe just as makeup techniques change maybe photography too? I heard a lot of my clients photographers when I was starting and most of then agreed that it was easier to pic and retouch if the makeup was just a little bit darker than the usual day time/night time

    1. SushiChicken

      Courtney Hewson this is and can be deemed a sexual harassment so it not a just a compliment buddy. And nobody says anything because ppl are so used to seeing it, but it’s not like there’s whole protests that protest against guys doing that 💀

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