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550lb Beautician Launches New Plus-Size Salon And NightClub | SHAKE MY BEAUTY

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THE OWNER of a plus-sized beauty salon was forced to relocate her business after a ‘hate campaign.’ Jamie Lopez, 33, opened Babydoll Beauty Couture in Las Vegas in 2017 vowing to make it a safe haven for larger ladies. But she says she soon faced a backlash, including constant malicious phone calls, thefts, vandalism and even faeces smeared on the windows. But now Jamie is having the last laugh after opening an even BIGGER salon closer to the strip. And she has even taken over the reins at a nightclub specifically for Big Beautiful Women. As part of the grand opening of her new salon, she gave a free makeover and nightclub passes customers, including Annalicia Panackia, 23. To follow Babydoll Beauty Couture, click here:

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Editor: Marcus Cooper

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    1. a priori on toast

      I think body positivity can be a good thing but being happy with how you look at any size and being happy with really bad health at any size are two different things in other words body positivity should be about accepting and loving your appearance without encouraging or enabling people to give up on improving their health even if it means changing their size is involved.

    1. Dont look at my profile

      Its a scam a fad. Its nothing happy its evil. Mica from countries where kids blood is on the companies hands, metals imported from Africa where people might be forced. The beauty industry puts up this happy go lucky fad while its a horror

  1. CEO

    I think what people in the comments don’t seem to get is that in order to take care of yourself, you have to feel good about yourself. One of the steps to larger women getting healthier is getting to feel pretty and worth the effort to take care of.

    1. Nicole

      Yeah but the cakes. Offering them to people already at risk of the multitude of obesity related health issues? There’s a time and a place for self esteem, but you can’t just use that as an excuse to enable your food addiction. That said I get what you are saying, feeling bad about yourself can lead to more unhealthy choices.

    2. logan run

      Mude Hobwana yes I understand what you mean. The pressure honestly leads to binge dieting and then eating. The best is to meditate and not worry about what others think of you. Just every day try to do better than yesterday…don’t think about how much you have to lose. Just focus on what step are you taking today. Ans everyday try to do more.

    3. Mude Hobwana

      @logan run thank you for expressing this, I’m 18 and I want to lose weight but I feel like I would be doing it through shame and it sucks but shame seems to be my only motivation, just like a lot of these comments

    1. AD everaD

      I think exactly the same of the model industry. I think its hypocritical to judge someone else’s lifestyle, some take drugs regularly, live and let live, noone is trashing the model industry (and all size zero advocats) so dont judge morbidly obese girls, because you don’t like it.

    2. CelticVictory

      @AD everaD The modeling industry is also very unhealthy but I don’t see people criticizing them. It’s hypocritical to claim that they care about this woman’s health and yet say nothing about the health of model who are literally starving themselves.

    1. Blue Turtle

      @E115 No excuse here. I lost a ton of weight, then said “Mission accomplished! I guess one extra cookie won’t hurt.” Forgetting that the main hump I tackled was a sugar addiction, and just kept happening. My point was that “plus size” just means “bigger”, it doesn’t mean “I ride everywhere in an ambulance”

  2. Mandy's Arm Candy

    This made me cry. Not in a bad way but in a good way. I used to be thicker and can relate to some of these women, having men put you down and making you feel so small. I did finally lose some weight and currently back on a lifestyle change that I’m hoping will result in more weight loss. I just want to say, no matter your weight or age, you are beautiful! ♥️

    1. Zena Levay

      @stella polaris i draw the line, and after its crossed immobile women are not allowed to do the same things as other women. Theyre not allowed to wear makeup or wear certain clothes and are not allowed to be showed in the media. Hope this answers your question😂

    2. Lyba 🦋

      Tinkerbell292 genes make gaining weight easier or harder, but genes don’t make you morbidly obese. They make you overweight at most, people just don’t realize they’re eating more than they should be. No doctor goes oh well it’s in your genes so just chill. You gotta make good dietary choices and exercise. It’s impossible to gain weight in a calorie deficit

  3. Emily Montanez

    i’m glad that she was able to open a size inclusive salon! there are a lot of people who are on the bigger side who are often discriminated against in “regular” salons so this honestly warms my heart 🙂

  4. idwtbam

    I have so much respect for someone finding a niche and making a business out of it especially when that business helps “invisible” people feel seen. She did it despite all the figurative and literal (yikes) crap.

  5. Yleana Gareca

    After I had a baby I gained weight and my self esteem went down!! The owner barely can stand up.. and she worries about her hair!! Don’t care about how you look but care about yourself…

    1. Starr Ross

      Ok let me make a point here. Nobody said that their praising obesity. She didnt say shes healthy and wants to stay the same weight forever. What shes saying is even if your fat and unhealthy or obese you still should be able to get a dam haircut or a pedicure without being afraid of breaking a chair. She didnt say it was the salons fault. Shes just saying that there should be a safe place for big women to go to get dolled up. The owner has already lost a few hundred pounds and shes taking control of her health. Just because your morbidly obese doesnt mean you should stop doing your hair or nails and etc. Losing weight is a choice that they have to make. In the meantime hating your body isn’t going to help you mentally.

    2. Lawful Chaotic

      @Charlotte Thecat the issue is that in some countries the healthcare system is sustained by public taxes. People who are obese have a higher likelihood of getting sick therefore their weight isn’t entirely removed from the concerns of others because it costs OTHER PEOPLES MONEY to PAY for THEIR BAD CHOICES.

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