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10 People Test Becca Cosmetics’ Zero No Pigment Foundation To See If It Works

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10 people try Becca Cosmetics' Zero No Pigment foundation to see if it really makes a difference.
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No Pigment Foundation:

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    1. Patri Sánchez

      I’m a makeup artist and this remembers me when once a client tell me if I can do her makeup with her foundation because was the only one she likes. I say ok. Apparently she went to Sephora and ask the lady for the most natural foundation they have and after show her the actual natural foundations available and not liking any, the lady sold her the sephora primer as a foundation. And yes, I did ther makeup and pretend the “foundation” was actually doing something to the skin😅

    1. Maab Mohamed

      it essentially is just a blurring primer, I don’t know how much it costs but if it is the same price as an average primer then Id say its fine just a little false advertising

  1. Tza Foxx

    This is sad. . . No pigment foundation is a rip off like those clear jeans (actually clear plastic pants). It’s the new “Emperor’s New Clothes,” don’t fall for it. hahahahahahahahaha!!

    1. anneshirley duncan

      The beauty industry as a whole is thinking of new ways to rip people off. Because just about everything concerning makeup has already been done. I have lots of eyeshadows there’s no reason for me to buy any new eyeshadow palettes that come out. I’ve found several foundation companies that has foundation colors to match my skin perfectly. I’ll just keep buying from them.

    2. Meri Doughten

      Totally agree. This video was so weird. After they put it on, almost none of them liked it. By the end, they’re literally trying to come up with occasions to wear this product to (“no makeup day,” the gym etc). Seems like a complete waste of money…

    1. Terry Baby

      In my younger years, I had excellent skin and found most foundations unnecessarily heavily and almost mask like, no matter how much I blended. Plus, I was obsessed about perfectly matching my skin tone – absolutely no colour change. Something like this that just evened out the texture and tone would have been ideal.
      Sadly, now I need Spakfilla and spray paint.

  2. Karima In Wonderland

    A whole lot of nothing for a lot of money, good marketing Becca cosmetics! You know how to trick ppl into spending their hard earned money.. Scam.. Use a primer instead of the foundation and oil/light gloss on you cheekbones and voila! Same results, less money! 😁

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